Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evan's Imagination

Evan's imagination amazes me every day. He's always coming up with something new to pretend.

He loves to pretend that he is fishing. He first did this in Illinois at my friend Margie's house. He sat inside the circle of a hula-hoop and starting fishing. After this incident my dad gave him a real fishing lesson:

Since then he's been fishing out of the laundry basket, catching "big fish" and then eating them. I finally made him some paper fish to catch!

One day last week, Evan took a place mat off of the table and put it on the floor. He then put his cereal bowl and milk on the place mat. He said, "mommy picnic?" Who could resist that? I have no idea where he came up with the idea but it sure was cute!

He has also created his own water spout. He sees me get water out of the spout in the fridge so one day he went over to a safety lock on a cupboard and made a water sound while holding his cup under the lock. Now when we have picnics he knows where to go to get the pretend-water.

On Sunday morning Evan was playing with a little rubber Easter Bunny who's arms and legs move all around. He put the bunny on the couch and told him "hold still, change diaper."

Who knows what he'll come up with next!


Whitlocks said...

Oh wow..those stories are so adorable. I can't believe he already has such a great imagination.

Tori said...

I just love that little guy! Great stories.