Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing with Friends

Evan had three slumber parties this week! Owen stayed the night with us on Sunday night so Tori and Ryan could go out to celebrate Dental School and Florida Boards being completely over. Then Monday night Megan spent the night with us. Kelly & Kevin just had a normal work day on Tuesday but Megan's Nanny was out of town so Evan and I filled in for her on Tuesday. Then Evan stayed at Owen's house on Tuesday night to give ME a break from kids. It sure felt odd for Joel and I to leave our house at 9:30pm for Taco Bell and Super WalMart! I kept thinking that I left Evan and home sleeping!

"Hmm...Where could Evan be?"

Riding the brooms...

All Ready for bed...



I got really brave and let Evan and Megan paint! They loved it!

For some reason they thought it was hilarious to sit "underneath" the shelf.

And I guess Evan wants to be a plumber when he grows up...


Tori said...

How sweet. We are going to miss you guys!

I'll have to send you a pic that Ry took of Owen and Evan riding the rocking horse together in their pj's!

Whitlocks said...

Wow you are brave to do a painting project. The hiding pictures crack me up. Isaac does the same thing behind the curtains.

The Birketts said...

Silly kiddo's... Thanks for painting with them... her pictures look like little masterpieces! It's just plain pitiful that I've never that with her yet!