Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've really been paying attention to all the deals you can get with coupons and combining them with sale items. It amazes me when I see a story about some lady using a zillion coupons for $100 worth of groceries and she ends up paying $25 (or less!). I want to BE that lady.

This morning Evan and I went to Albertson's. I had looked at the store flyer online and had my coupons ready.

I bought $50.37 worth of groceries and with coupons, sales, and BOGO's, I only paid $23.89!!!

Anyone have any good coupon advice for me?! I would love to hear it!


Jarretts said...

I have been doing this too!!! : ) There is actually a group of us from our MOPS Group and Church that have been kind of helping each other find great deals and sharing tips and websites that we love to read. One of my favs is and They match up coupons on sale items, give you heads up on specials and give the low down on drugstore deals (CVS and Walgreens). I am already creating a stockpile of toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo that I got for free or pennies!

JK Williams said...

When you figure it out let me know!

Anonymous said...

hey! I am obsessed with coupons! I clip everything from the paper, but also before I buy ANYTHING (especially online) I just do a google search for the name of the store and "coupon codes". My favorite site is

Nate, Michelle, Trent, Dylan and Aliya said... and are two that I check out all the time. It is a great feeling to walk out of the store having spent less with coupons! I love it!

Brit and Jen said...

I want to be her too! Yeah, CVS a is pretty good place to get some deals and we just subscribed to the weekend newspaper so we can get some coupons.

Anonymous said...

You can google "discount restaurant coupons in .....(your town name) and there are websites that allow you to buy $30 gift certificate from XX restaurant for $10. there are usually two to five per town and they change every week. There are usually a limited number of each. Linda