Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where food comes from...

Evan is really interested in where his food comes from and how its made. This morning we saw a Velda Milk truck and he got really excited. He then explained to me that milk comes from cows and then a big tanker called a "milk truck" comes to get the milk and takes it to a factory where they put it in jugs and then another truck picks it up and takes it to a store.

During lunch he asked "who makes grapes?" My initial reply was "God does." But then I had to explain to him about the seed, sun, water, etc.

He also wanted to know how yogurt was made. I told him it was made out of milk but he wasn't satisfied with my answer, he wanted more. I told him I wasn't sure how exactly it was made. He then told me that someday he "would like to go to a yogurt factory so they can show me how to make yogurt...they'll know."

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