Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dump Truck

I asked Evan to tell me a story. I typed it out as he was dictating it to me so these are his exact words....

Once upon a time there were 3 dump trucks and they didn't know what to carry so they called up their grandmas and grandpas.

Grandpa told them " I have a heavy block to lift so can you please come?"


Well and Grandma told one of the dump trucks I have a big ol' tree in the middle of the road and I'm trying to take my little kid to (s)chool but I can't. Then a big ol' excavator came with a long arm and big ol' dumper at the back. And then it could do it.

Then one of the grandmas and grandpas had a big ol' rock in the way and they called a big ol' dump truck, one with a dumper at the front and a very long arm at the end of it. The rock was on the road and the little kid didn't want a big bump so they called up the excavator. It digged on the cement and cracked a hole in it and digged way down in it. Then a dump truck came and a giant excavator put the big rock in the dump truck and then a big ol' "frumper trucker" came. Its a big ol' truck that trims trees but it trimmed up the rock.


Whitlocks said...

What a great idea to type up Evan's story...I'll have to do that with Isaac. Loved all the other blogs below too. Glad you are getting back to a routine with 2 kiddos and that everyone is healthy again.

The Birketts said...

He is a mess! I enjoyed having him over yesterday... those kids have serious imaginations. The story telling is hilarious. His obsession with trucks cracks me up.