Friday, February 26, 2010

We've had a really rough couple weeks around here with Evan working on his 2nd molars. They are still not all the way through but at least he's a little less irritable now and actually wants to play.

Evan loves to pretend. He's always making up something! Here is his "firetruck" that he made this morning....

While he and I are were sitting on the firetruck, this is the conversation we had:

Evan: What kind of trees do you see out the window?
Me: Palm Trees, Oak Trees, and Pine Trees
Evan: Yeah, me too! And I see a kitty (our cat, jack).
Me: Do you think he wants on the firetruck too?
Evan: No, he's got his own firetruck. When he grows up to be a person he can drive his firetruck.

I actually took this next idea after looking at my friend, Michelle's, blog. I gave Evan dried pasta to use as "dirt." I'm always telling him to pretend so he was excited when he actually had something to dump out of the dump truck and garbage truck.

When he got bored with the "dirt" we turned it into his name. He got bored with that after only doing the E & V so we'll have to finish it later.

Evan also loves stickers. I got to the point where I hated stickers because it felt like they were just a waste of money when really they just end up all over my house and I throw them away. So, I came up with a "sticker book." I just used an old scrapbook that I'll probably never use for anything else. I let Evan put his stickers in it as I wrote next to them what he said about them. I figured this way we're creating something that we can look back on!

Evan is growing up fast and sometimes I just need to remember to take time to pretend, create, and just spend time with my little guy.


Tori said...

These are all great ideas! I'm going to have to remember them...

Hope all is well up there. We miss you guys!

The Crowe's said...

I love that sticker book idea! I feel the same way about stickers in general, so that's a great use for them!

The Birketts said...

so... when did you have time to do all that? I feel like a slacker mom... time to do more projects! Good JOB! we like to glue pasta too... we did some pictures with google eyes for valentines day... but Megan just likes to pull them off so that we have to get the glue out again... NUT!