Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the Road Again...

As if driving two days to Illinois wasn't enough, I drove the next day up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (4 hours with road construction) for my friend Valla's Bachelorette Party. She had a small party with just the bridesmaids and we had SO much fun. Valla has been one of my best friends since high school and I'm SO honored to be a part of her wedding!

I stayed in Wisconsin that night and then drove to my brother's house on Saturday (2 1/2 hours after following someone who took a wrong turn). It was fun to see Jake, Melissa, and Cameron for a little bit before heading back to Bellflower...only an hour and 1/2 more.

I saw Evan for just an hour before I got in the car again to go to Champaign for another Bachelorette Party! Amanda's party was a lot of fun too and once again I feel SO honored to be a part of another friend's big day. She has been an awesome friend since college and I can't wait to visit her in Colorado some day!

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Anonymous said...

JEN!!! Love you so much! :) You are a total trooper for traveling so far to celebrate with me! Can't wait to see you! - Valla