Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Big Week!

I think this blog could actually be 4 different blogs but I'm going to try to cram it all into one!

"Fireman Hat and Tomatoes"
I found a fireman hat at a garage sale last weekend and brought it home for Evan. He's been wearing it all around the house since I gave it to him. I can hardly get him to take it off for naptime. A couple days ago he was pretending with it and this is what he came up with...

"Evan's First Movie"
Yesterday morning it was storming and pouring down rain and I didn't feel like sitting home all morning. I remembered that our movie theater offers free kids movies throughout the summer so I thought Evan and I would try it out. Charlotte's Web was playing...what a perfect first movie for Evan. He immediately loved the idea of the "big tv" and wanted to know where the remote was. He also had fun talking to the "big kids" around us. Although the gradeschool boys in front of us did asked me to tell Evan "to stop staring" at them and that it was "kind creepy." I explained to them that this was his first movie and he was watching them to see how they behaved during the show.

I fully expected Evan to last the first 15 minutes and then we would go find something else to do. I was wrong. We were there for just about the entire movie....1 hour and 40 minutes. He loved the animals and kept asking where the "big red barn" went. He talked about it all day and I think we'll try to go to another one next week!

"Plain White T's"
Joel and I went out last night! We heard that the Plain White T's were playing downtown so we found a babysitter and had a little date night. There were 3 opening bands that we'd never heard of and then the T's played. They were a lot of fun and very entertaining. I definitely prefer their sing-songy "Delilah" and "1,2,3,4" songs over the more "poppy" songs but it was fun to get out of the house and do something that we hardly ever do anymore....listen to live music.

"Big Boy Bed"
Evan has always had a daybed in his room in addition to his crib. A few weeks ago he started asking to take his naps in it. We let him do a few naps in the "big boy bed" and then he started asking to sleep in it at night. We really had no intentions of switching from his crib until he tried to climb out but it seemed to happen naturally and now he's been sleeping in his "big boy bed" for 2 weeks. We took the crib down this week and it was kind of sad....our little boy is growing up fast!


Jarretts said...

So cute . . . love the videos. . . can't believe how much of a talker he is! Glad to hear his bed transition was amazingly smooth! Hope Kinsey does well . . . we bought bunk beds and Jackson has been sleeping on the top for a little over a week now. We are hoping to move Kinsey to the bottom bunk after camp the end of July. We'll see how that all goes . . . big girl bed and them in the room together! It could be interesting!

The Birketts said...

Man... wish I had sound on my computer... wanted to hear all those words he was saying! I'm glad he likes his big boy bed... thats awesome! Megan and I can't wait to try out the movies too! Megan and Evan will have to plan their first "movie date".

Whitlocks said...

Those videos are great. He is quite a talker. I can't believe he is in a big boy bed by his choice. So cute.

Johnson3 said...

he has such a imagination! we've not tried a movie at the theater yet cause Ev doesn't last long with them at home, a free one is a great idea though to try! glad you guys had a good date night, know you were excited :)

Tori said...

Great videos. I just can't get over how smart he is! Owen is clueless about pretending. I guess I better work on that! Looks like you guys had an awesome week - hopefully it will end well, too! ;)

Justin, Jenny & Paxton said...

Those videos were great. I wish I could figure out how to post videos on here (i'm not very tech savy!) we would love to meet up with you. can i get your cell # and we can set up plans?

The Crowe's said...

I love the Fireman hat video! Aren't kids amazing? They come up with the silliest things.