Monday, March 2, 2009

Evan at 18 Months

I took Evan to his 18 month doctor's appointment this morning. Here are his stats:

Height: 34 Inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 26 lbs. (60th percentile)
Words: TOO many to count!


Whitlocks said...

What a big boy! I can't believe he is already 18 months.

Kimberly said...

i think it's cute he's reading a "Little Women" book! :)

JK Williams said...

Tell Evan I really love that book and have Little Men if he is interested. ;O)

Anonymous said...

With those stats, we'll have another basketball player in the family in a few years! GMA Searby

O'Malleys said...

holy cow he looks HUGE! miss you guys so much!

The Birketts said...

Big Boy... is gaining on Megan!