Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Beach

Mom and Dad are visiting us right now and Evan has had a lot of fun with his "Bay-Pa" and "Bay-Ma." We went down to Sarasota to spend a few days at the beach. Evan loved every minute of it....and so did I!

Evan enjoyed the porch at the "conco" (condo). He could watch the golfers from the porch and he got really excited when the golf carts went by.

But that boy LOVED the "dirt" at the beach!

He hardly had time to stop playing in order to get his picture taken...

I think he would have played all day if I would have let him.


Whitlocks said...

Glad you guys had a good time at the beach. Evan's going to end up with a great tan!

The Birketts said...

That picture of him in the sand... walking away was great! You'll have to blow that one up for sure!

JK Williams said...

Great pictures. Glad you all had fun!

Kristin said...

How fun! Love the last picture of him walking off in the sand. . . ADORABLE!!