Tuesday, November 25, 2008

15 Months

Evan was 15 months old yesterday. He continues to amaze us everyday! Some of his favorite things include....

1. Anything that has a steering wheel. He says "die, die" (instead of "drive") and does the car sign.
2. Being chased around the living room as he giggles continuously.
3. Putting on every hat in sight.
4. Talking. Half the time we have no idea what he's saying but it sure is cute!
5. Watching "Super Why" on PBS. He especially loves the part when they fly into storybook land.
6. Looking at the moon. If there is a moon in the book you are reading, good luck getting past that page.
7. Balls. He loves anything that is round. He'll go around the house saying "big ball" or "shoot ball"
8. Shape Sorters. We have one upstairs, downstairs, and in the tub. He picks up the circle first, then the oval, then the star. I guess those are his favorites.
9. Being Outside. The kid kicks and screams when we have to go inside. I usually have to bribe him with milk or a snack.
11. The trash can. Its actually his "drum." Its the only thing he's allowed to beat on with his plastic bat or wooden spoon.
10. Cooking. When I'm in the kitchen cooking he likes to have his own spatula and pan so he can flip his "eggs"

Here is Evan cooking....

And I'm pretty sure this is when I left the house for a couple hours. I'm not sure what Joel and Evan were up to....

And here's a cute video too...


Whitlocks said...

So cute! We miss you guys.

Kristin said...

Awww, he is so cute! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

The Birketts said...

The toilet paper was just padding when he and Joel were bouncing off the walls while you were gone.