Saturday, September 27, 2008


Warning! This might be a little gross.

Tonight as I was feeding Evan his supper he acted like he was trying to poop. We hurried up with his food and I took him up to his changing table to clean him up...but he hadn't actually gone yet.  I thought it would be a perfect time to sit him on the potty...since he clearly needed to go.  The second I sat him on the seat he went!!!  He also peed a little. Joel and I cheered and clapped and let him look at it. He took a look and then went over to the bathtub where Joel had been running his bath water. He got in the tub....and then pooped more. Gross! Luckily Joel was there to clean up the tub. 

Overall I think it was successful. He has peed on the potty once before and tonight he did both! Yeah for our little boy!

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Whitlocks said...

Go Evan!. That's pretty impressive for 13 months. Glad you didn't have to clean the tub Jen.