Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lydia - 16 Months

Lydia is over 16 months old already! We love our sweet girl and she has brought such joy to our lives. I have compiled a list of things about Lydia right now that I thought I'd share:)

Lydia signs a lot. Here are the signs she knows....
Thank You
All Done

Her vocabulary is growing each day but here are her current words...
Drink - says this for both water and milk
Bonk - when she hits her head on something
Thank You

Other Random things about Lydia right now...
-Lydia prefers to crawl. She loves to stand and push things. She'll let go and get excited that she's standing on her own and then fall over from giggling. She can hold on to your finger and walk and has taken 5 steps on her own.
-She loves to eat! The girl will eat just about anything you put before her.
-Loves to copy Evan
-Sleeps 11-12 hours each night and generally naps 1 1/2 to 2 hours during the day.
-Hugs and Kisses her baby dolls and bears (and us)
-Recently learned how to climb on the footstool and the couch
-Likes to look at books
-Capable of throwing a nice big fit when she doesn't get her way
-can stack blocks up to 3 high
-learning to use her silverware
-loves to take her socks off, but still gets excited about putting socks & shoes back on to go "bye"
-likes the idea of drawing with crayons or chalk but usually gets them taken away because she just wants to eat them
-loves to ride in the stroller

Recent Pictures....

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