Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Notes about Evan

Evan is such a fun 3 year old! His favorite thing to do is pretend. You could give the kid a cardboard box and he would soon be a robot, a sea creature, or even a super hero. I wish I could just sit with a pen all day and write down everything that comes out of his mouth. I'd be sure to run out of ink before the end of the day:)

Some of his favorite toys right now include construction trucks, fire trucks, Matchbox/Hot Wheel cars, & of course his dress-up clothes. He's learning to play games like Dominoes, Uno, Crazy 8's, Memory, & Go Fish.

Evan loves to sing....mostly his own made-up songs. He is great with rhymes so his songs end up including a ton of made-up words that rhyme with whatever he's singing about. When you ask him what a word means, he'll make up a definition. One of his favorite songs right now is Wibbly Wobbly Woo. He likes it when we sing the beginning and he gets to fill in the end. When we're riding in the car he generally asks to listen to "Big Rock Candy Mountain" (Lisa Loeb version). Otherwise, if we're in the car, I have to be careful what is on the radio because he'll repeat it!

Evan is still a picky eater. He likes his food separated on his plate and usually throws a fit if things touch each other. The kid won't eat pizza very well but yet he'll eat a handful of mushrooms out of the can! Today I cut up chicken nuggets (that he wouldn't eat yesterday!) & put them on a toothpick and called them chicken-kabobs and he thought they were wonderful. I really think its all about the mood and not necessarily the taste.

Evan is still napping every afternoon. I am thankful for the 1 1/2 - 2 hours of silence each day!

We've been playing outside a TON lately. Its been beautiful. This morning was even cool enough for jeans and long-sleeves. Evan tried golfing....he got a little angry when he couldn't hit the ball very far. He started hitting the ground with his club just like Happy Gilmore. I couldn't help but laugh a little:)

We also got out the sidewalk chalk. This is Evan's jellyfish that he drew...

And here is his "Non-tentacled sea creature that you can pet".....

And here is Evan getting eaten by the shark that he drew...

What a fun kid! We sure love him:)

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