Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Evan: I would like to have two pets.
Jen: I think having one cat is probably enough but IF you had another one what would it be?
Evan: I would go to a pet store and pick out a mouse.
Jen: A mouse?! Hmm...I'm not sure I'd like to have a mouse in the house.
Evan: Well then maybe I would pick out a rabbit.
Jen: That might be better, but rabbits can be pretty messy. Any other ideas?
Evan: How about a dog?
Jen: What if he chases Jack around the house and Jack doesn't like him?
Evan: hmmm....what CAN I pick out?
Jen: (really trying hard to not crush his dreams of owning another pet) Maybe a fish?
Evan: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let's go pick out a fish....and we need a tank too. Can we go tomorrow?
Jen: Well we need to talk to your daddy first.

Now...How in the world am I getting out of this one!?


The Crowe's said...

By getting him a fish.. :)

You could hope he forgets.. but that never worked with Zachary..

Renae said...

Chris says "cats eat fish!"