Thursday, May 6, 2010

Conversations with Evan...

Evan has always been a talker. I've tried hard to write down some of our conversations but they seem to be so involved now that if I don't write it down right away then I forget his exact words. Here are some that I wrote down in the last couple months:


Evan: What's this?
Me: Its called a sticky note.
Evan: What's it for?
Me: You write things on it that you need to remember. What do you want to write on your sticky note?
Evan: Thank you for my Mommy.


While baking muffins, Evan touched the raw eggs...
Me: Please go wash your hands because you touched the raw eggs and if it gets in your mouth, it might make you sick.
(Evan goes to wash his hands in the bathroom then returns to the kitchen)
Evan: Hey mommy, can I see the rotten eggs again?

5/24/10 (after looking at our neighbor, Kurt's, Machu Picchu pictures from Peru)

Evan: I'm gonna be Kurt, you be Lauren. Kurt is climbing the tall mountains to Machu Picchu.
Me: Did you make it?
Evan: Yeah - I drove in a loader over the bumpy rocks. Then I turned that way and walked through the tall mountains to Machu Picchu.
Me: What are you doing now?
Evan: Well I'm still in Machu Picchu doin' somethin'. I need my loader cuz I can't jump down. Lauren, do you have a rope?
Me: Yep - here it is...
Evan: Look! A big waterfall at Machu Picchu! Let's look for something else at Machu Picchu, like a tunnel!

(This conversation went on for a LONG time but I quit writing it down after awhile. It was so cute to hear him say "Machu Picchu".)

6/29/10 (while visiting the Osorios in Viera, FL)

Evan: That's my best, favorite (something, something, something that I didn't catch)
Owen: Mommy, what does that mean?
Tori: I don't know Owen, why don't you ask Evan?
Owen: (to Evan) What does that mean?
Evan: Ummm....probably.....Your Mom.
(Tori and I laughed SO hard!)

7/1/10 (After naptime)

Evan: I dreamed that the sun will come up in 10 minutes and the construction workers will be working.


I was sorting through coupons and gave Evan all the expired ones to play with. He made up his own "game." He put one sticker on each coupon then if he found an "E for Evan" he got to keep it. If he found an "M for mommy" then he gave it to me.


Whitlocks said...

So cute! Evan has such a great imagination and is quite a smarty. I love this age. Isaac was watching me take my nail polish off this morning and I guess because of the color of the remover asked me if I was using pee to take it off. We laugh a lot around here and it sounds like you guys do as well!

Tori said...

Haha! What about when he said I was "hovering in a helicopter going to check out the situation"?! Ah, I love two year olds.