Sunday, March 28, 2010


Practice makes perfect, right? Well I wanted to make sure that Evan was well-trained in Easter-Egg hunting before yesterday's big hunt so on Friday we did a practice run. I hid plastic eggs in our yard, gave him a bag, and let him go for it. He loved it! Of course he didn't have any competition but we weren't really playing for anything except empty eggs:) I'll post the real Easter Egg Hunt pictures soon!

After I had hidden the eggs and Evan found them all, I took this video of HIM hiding the eggs...


The Birketts said...

We practiced too! Megan gets so excited when she sees one hidden... the kicker is... she is the one who hides them! (Must be short term memory loss like her Mama...)

Whitlocks said...

How fun...Looks like Evan really enjoyed finding and hiding the eggs. We had an Egg hunt on Friday afternoon with the moms club. I never thought to have Isaac practice!