Thursday, January 8, 2009


I met my friend, Tori, and her little boy, Owen at the library this morning for story time. The boys did really great and even tried to do the actions to some of the songs. After story time we went to the park where Owen was very nice and shared his lunch with Evan. The only green vegetable that I can get Evan to eat right now is broccoli so you can imagine my surprise when he was boxing Owen out to get to his peas.

This afternoon when Evan got up from his nap I asked him if he wanted a snack. He immediately said "peas"! Here is our snacktime video:


Whitlocks said...

So adorable...and so random that he wanted peas. Isaac usually spits them out. Good for you Evan.

Tori said...

Awesome! Now if I can only get Owen to try some broccoli... :)

Johnson3 said...

wow, that is weird. everly likes steamed carrots, and that's about all. oh, spinach in stuff is okay- like dips and quiches! heheh. she can find broccoli in anything and spits it out! ahahah. oh kids. :) Evan is getting so big. it'll be fun to see them play, or not so fun cause Everly isn't so good at that yet!